About me

Something about me .. ok.

My name is Eike Bernhardt and I was born in 1977. I spent my childhood in a small town called Uchte and until 1997 i visited the Gymnasium Stolzenau.

The next year I spend as a “Zivildienstleistender” (instead of joining the “Bundeswehr”), helping a family with her disabled daughter.

In 1998 i started studying computer science at the Universit├Ąt Oldenburg (See here for more information about the city).

Here I lived in the Pferdemarkt Kaserne where I was the head of the team responsible for the network in the buildings.

From August 2000 until December 2002 I worked for nordwest.net, a local internet provider and web agency. I planned and developed web applications and web pages based on PHP/Perl and MySQL for them.

Some projects I worked on:

  • relaunch of NWN website (only avaliable through archive.org nowadays)
  • first version of nightloop.de
  • Click4City, a regional portal system (no longer avaliable online)
  • Nordwest-Zeitung: worked on a import tool from the newspaper-production-tools into the web-page, created a cinema-database & calendar
  • planned and implemented a date-planning/calendar web application (called Tempestiva, now avaliable at MSP
  • adapted chat-applications for NWN and NWZ
  • eCards: regional marketplace where firms could show their description

Sadly, the NWN had to declare bankruptcy in 2003 and is only a access provider today.

Since January 2003 I work for the Institue for Science Networking Oldenburg. I implemented a OAI(Open Archive Initiative) Service Provider called oai_harvester for the OAD project.
In 2004 I changed projects – I am now a developer for the physik multimedial project, working with Perl and MySQL.

Since August 1st, 2007 I’m working on the SEOS Project for the ISN, creating and managing a eLearning Platform.