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Going to spend some time in Sweden

In the coming month, I’ll be travelling through Sweden, up to UmeĆ„ .. taking Ulrike up to where she will study until december.

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Since there is already support for a Cocoa Gui in emacs, why not use a really modified version that fits into the way Mac OS X feels …

Aquamacs does exactly that .. I use it all the time while developing stuff. Try it!

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Fire – a messaging client

When switching to a Mac, I had to find a replacement for my good old ICQ Client LICQ.

After some searching and testing, I found fire – a nice replacement. It’s good-looking, stable and works really got with my single ICQ Account.

The only thin I miss is the ability to do file transfers in the ICQ Network, but I can manage without that.

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Giving Wordpad a Testdrive

Since I still haven’t felt the need to write my own CMS, I’ll give WordPress a try, it was recommended by many people.

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